LoL Twitch Stream Overlay Bundle


This streaming bundle is inspired by League of Legends game and contains all graphics you’d need for your stream, including twitch overlay, panels, alerts, brb/offline screens, avatar and banner backgrounds.

Main colors are dark blue with gold, but you can customize that in Photoshop if you wish.


What is included in LoL Overlay Inspired Twitch Streaming Bundle?

Introducing our League of Legends Stream Overlay template, the perfect addition to your streaming setup. This template includes an overlay, panels, and intermission screens, all designed to complement the look and feel of the popular game, League of Legends.

The overlay features a sleek design with a bold and modern look, featuring the iconic logo of the game and other elements that will make your stream look professional. The panels include all the necessary information that your viewers need to know, such as your social media links, schedule and more.

In addition, the template also includes intermission screens that will make your stream look even more professional. These screens are perfect for when you take a break or have to step away from your stream. They provide your viewers with some entertainment while you are away and also gives you an opportunity to promote your social media accounts or sponsors.

League of Legends Twitch Overlay

Twitch Overlay: top bar displaying New Donation and New Follower and space for your name in the middle, Web Cam with optional Top Donation text

League of Legends Twitch Panels

Twitch Panels: About Me, Contact Me, Facebook, FAQ, Follow Me, PC Specs, Rules, Schedule, Social Media, Steam, Subscribe, Top Donation, Youtube

Note: you can easily create additional panels for your stream, if you know how to use Photoshop software as the .PSD files are included in this purchase.

League of Legends Twitch Screens BRB, Back Soon, Offline

Twitch Screens: Be Right Back, Stream Will Be Back Soon (Intermission), I’m Offline,

League of Legends Twitch Banner

Additional Twitch Graphics: Twitch Avatar background with a space for your name or a graphic/image, Twitch Banner background

.PSD files are included by default to every purchase.


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