Carbon Stream Bundle


The Carbon bundle has everything you need to get your stream off the ground!

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Introducing our Dark Black Animated Stream Overlay template, the perfect addition to your streaming setup. This template features a sleek and sophisticated design, with a dark black color scheme that gives off a professional and modern look. The overlay, panels, and intermission screens are all animated, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your stream.

The overlay is designed to be fully customizable, so you can easily match it to your brand and style. The overlay includes all the necessary elements such as your stream name, social media links and other information. The panels include all the necessary information that your viewers need to know, such as your social media links, schedule and more.

The intermission screens are perfect for when you take a break or have to step away from your stream. They provide your viewers with some entertainment while you are away and also gives you an opportunity to promote your social media accounts or sponsors.

This template is designed to make your stream look professional, engaging and dynamic. The dark black color scheme and the animated elements will make your stream stand out from the crowd. Get your hands on this Dark Black Animated Stream Overlay template today and take your stream to the next level!

What is included in Carbon Streaming Bundle?

Twitch Alerts: New Donation, New Subscriber, and New Follower

Twitch Panels: About Me, Contact, Designer, Donate, FAQ, Follow Me, PC Specs, Rules, Schedule, Social Media, Subscribe, Top Donators, Facebook, Instagram, Steam, Twitter, Youtube

Stream Overlay:
Top Bar: Logo & Social Media
Bottom Bar: Recent/Top Donations & Recent Subscribers
Webcam Frame

Stream scenes (screens):
Animated Scenes: Starting Soon, Be Right Back, End Of Stream
Standard Scenes: Stream Offline
Preview: click here.

Giving credit by linking back to using the ‘Designer’ panel provided would be greatly appreciated!


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    Just as described, looks great!

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