modCheck emote and meme explained

Are you familiar with the term “modCheck” circulating around Twitch streams? This article will explore what “modCheck” signifies, its roots, and how you can apply this emote on platforms like Twitch and Youtube, whether you’re a viewer or streamer.

Deciphering the “modCheck” Emote

The “modCheck” emote primarily serves two purposes. If someone expresses an unpopular opinion, “modCheck” can mean “who asked?” Conversely, when a stream or chat becomes too chaotic, it implies someone is looking for a moderator’s assistance. It can also imply that a user feels uncomfortable with the ongoing chat and seeks moderator intervention.

Like many Twitch emotes, “modCheck’s” meaning is fluid, varying from user to user and evolving over time. It can also be used humorously, not always indicating a user’s plea for a moderator’s aid.

Tracing the Origin of “modCheck”

The “modCheck” emote originated from an animation clip featuring a fish scanning its surroundings from the show SpongeBob SquarePants. VerbalSilence first uploaded this emote to BTTV on September 15th, 2019. However, it is unavailable on FFZ.

While uploaded in 2019, it gained traction in 2020, trending in xQc’s subreddit. xQc’s followers urged him to incorporate the emote into his Twitch channel, which he did. Given his influence, other streamers and users started utilizing the emote as well.

The “modCheck” emote has since grown immensely popular on Twitch, currently used on over 121,000 Twitch channels and ranking 20th on BTTV’s most-used emotes list. If ever added to FFZ, its popularity would soar even higher, given that FFZ currently doesn’t support animated emotes.

How to Use “modCheck” Emote on Twitch

  1. Attach the BTTV Google extensions to your Twitch account.
  2. Ensure the streamer has activated the “modCheck” emote on their channel.
  3. Type “modCheck” in the chat section of the streamer’s Twitch chat and hit ‘send.’
  4. The “modCheck” emote will now populate in the chat.
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Ensure you type “modCheck” precisely as it appears, with correct spelling and capitalization. If not, it will fail. Also, the streamer must enable the emote on BTTV for it to function.

“modCheck” on YouTube

  1. Add the BTTV Google extension to your YouTube account.
  2. Ensure the streamer has activated the “modCheck” emote on their channel.
  3. Type “modCheck” in the streamer’s chat and hit ‘send.’
  4. The “modCheck” emote will now populate in the chat.

When to Use the “modCheck” Emote?

The “modCheck” emote is most effective when a user feels uncomfortable in a chat and seeks a mod, when the chat becomes unruly and a user needs a mod to restore order, or if a user is annoyed by someone and sarcastically asks, “Who asked?”.

Troubleshooting: Why is “modCheck” Not Appearing in Chat?

Common reasons the “modCheck” emote may not appear in chat include:

  • The viewer attempting to use the emote lacks the BTTV extension.
  • The streamer lacks the BTTV extension.
  • The streamer has not activated the “modCheck” emote on their channel.
  • The viewer attempts to use the emote on mobile.
  • Incorrect typing of “modCheck.”
  • Twitch or Youtube has banned the emote.

This emote is exclusive to BTTV. If you only have FFZ, you’ll need to add the BTTV extension for the emote to function.

How to Pronounce “modCheck”?

The term “modCheck” is pronounced as it appears: mod-check.

What is “Mod 7”?

“Mod 7” is a phrase users deploy in chats to salute a moderator for their actions. The “7” is interpreted as a salute sign and can be used to thank a mod or sarcastically acknowledge a mod for overstrictness in chat.

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The “modCheck” emote is a fun and valuable tool that I frequently use on my Twitch channel, especially when the stream seems to spiral out of control.

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