How to Edit Panels on Twitch?

Twitch is generally one of the world’s leading social and community video service mainly designed for gamers and is equipped with plenty of content for the users. There are millions of viewers across the globe can easily be able to gather through the platform and interact with video games, music, creative arts, among other media. Millions of others will also help in broadcasting within the same platform, To link people with social networks, you will need to add panels on your channel page. This article discusses on how you can edit panels on twitch to increase social links on your channel within the platform.

What are panels on Twitch?

If you are a new user in Twitch and are probably wondering how you can be able to increase social links within your channel page, then it is very important to know about panels. This is because the panels enable one to increase social networks where you can add your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Instagram or any other social media profile link you have. Twitch has been customized as an app where it can be used across several platforms such as; Desktop computer, iPhone, Android app, Android (smartphones, tablets), NVIDIA shield, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Chromecast, as well as FireTV. You can either use the app with or without an internet connection although it is highly recommended to have a connection such that you can be able to stream videos, new films and even interact with other users worldwide.

If you already have a channel in Twitch and want to edit your panel so that you can increase social links, there are a number of procedures on how you can add and edit panels on Twitch as detailed below:

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How to Edit personal Panels on Twitch?

To add or edit a panel on your channel within your channel page in Twitch is pretty simple as you will have all the required controls on your window; You will need to go to the sidebar and click on the ‘Channel button’.

Whilst on the Channel button, you will have a window where your video can appear (video section), and under it, you will find a little button ‘Edit Panels offline’. If you want to add a panel and title, you simply need to click on the ‘Add’ option. There will be a box with a ‘plus’ sign where you can click on to add a new panel. You will have an option to add the panel title as well as a description, such as a YouTube video link or even your social media link, such as Facebook profile link.

You will also be able to add an image, of at least 320 pixels wide, by clicking on the ‘Add Image’ button at the editable channel page. It will direct you to your files where you can be able to choose or select the image that you want and then click on ‘Done’ button when done.

To edit the panel, you will alternatively need to click on the ‘Edit’ button still on the same control window at the sidebar and edit or change whatever you want. Once done, you can then click on the ‘Done’ button found just on the editing window section. When you click on the ‘Edit Panels’ you will also need to switch from ‘Off’ option to ‘On’ option just below the video screen section, which will allow you to edit the panel as you desire. Once you are done, you can switch from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ so that you can get back to the normal view on the channel page and see how your finished edited panel will finally look.

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Twitch has really been of benefit to millions of users worldwide, especially when it comes to interaction between users within the platform on different discussions, such as gaming, media, creative arts, among others. However, if you want to create popularity through links and grow socially, panels on the channel page will really be of great help. The only major problem that most users have experienced with Twitch will generally lie with editing and customize the panels within their channel pages in Twitch. It is however very important to understand how all the controls are used within your channel page such that you can be able to effectively customize your page and increase your social networks.

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