Zen PC Setup (Rocket League Pro Player)

Rocket League has become one of the most iconic online games of the past decade. With cars that can fly and perform incredible stunts, it’s a high-octane sport that captures the imagination. Within this dynamic game, some players stand out more than others. One such player is Frenchmen Alexis “zen” Bernier, a pro in the Rocket League arena and a RLCS World Champion of 2023 with Team Vitality.

For those eager to know what powers ZEN’s impeccable gameplay, here’s a simple breakdown of his PC setup:

1. Controller: Sony DualShock 4 (Red)

The Sony DualShock 4 in striking red is ZEN’s choice of controller. It’s known for its comfort and precision. The ergonomic design ensures players can play for extended periods without strain, and its responsive buttons and analog sticks offer accurate in-game movements. It’s no wonder ZEN prefers this controller to maneuver his car with finesse and style.

2. Monitor: ASUS VG279QM

A monitor is crucial in competitive gaming. The ASUS VG279QM is known for its fast refresh rate and crystal-clear display. These features ensure that ZEN sees every detail in Rocket League, from the ball’s trajectory to the intricate car designs. This monitor’s clarity and speed give ZEN the edge in spotting opportunities and reacting in split seconds during his games.

3. Headset: JBL Quantum ONE

In Rocket League, like in any team-based game, communication is key. ZEN’s choice, the JBL Quantum ONE headset, is top-tier. Not only does it provide crisp sound quality, helping ZEN hear every engine rev or boost grab, but its microphone ensures clear communication with teammates. The immersive sound also means he can get into the zone, focusing entirely on the match.

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Every pro player knows the importance of quality gear. ZEN’s choices reflect a balance of comfort, precision, and quality. For those looking to elevate their own Rocket League gameplay or simply understand the tools of the pros, ZEN’s setup is a great starting point.

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