Pestily’s Gaming Setup

Step into the gaming world of Pestily, where his PC setup is a beast! It’s like a super-fast race car for gaming, packed with all the best parts to make sure he never misses a beat. We’re going to take a closer look at the cool tools that keep him at the top of his game.

Who is Pestily?

From Australia, Paul, better known by his handle, Pestily, is a Twitch sensation who’s built a reputation on his skillful gameplay and community-driven approach to streaming. After swapping his military background for the virtual battlefield, Pestily has become a go-to source for anyone keen on mastering the gritty realism of Escape from Tarkov. But what about his arsenal off the screen? Let’s dive into the tools of his trade that keep his audience coming back for more.

Pestily’s PC Specs

Pestily’s powerhouse of a gaming PC is the stuff of legend, rigged to deliver pristine graphics, lightning-fast processing, and no-nonsense reliability. Here’s the breakdown:

Graphics Card

  • RTX 4090 by Nvidia – Sitting at the summit of GPU hierarchy, the RTX 4090 is a behemoth that laughs in the face of intensive graphic loads. Pestily’s choice ensures his streams are delivered in the crispest possible quality without a hiccup.


  • ROG Maximus Z790 Hero by ASUS – Stability and speed are king in the streaming arena, and this motherboard is designed for players who take no prisoners. With its robust build and compatibility with the latest hardware, the Maximus Z790 Hero keeps everything running smoothly even when the game’s action reaches boiling point.

Memory (RAM)

  • DOMINATOR PLATINUM 64GB by Corsair – Multitasking is a non-issue with a behemoth RAM size of 64GB. This high-performance memory kit allows Pestily to stream, record, and play without the slightest stutter, ensuring a seamless experience for viewers.


  • i9 13900k by Intel – The central brain of this build is Intel’s i9 13900k processor – a multitasking monster that can handle the heaviest lifting in both gaming and streaming. A processor that never says die, even when everything from gaming to content creation is thrown its way.
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Pestily’s Monitor

Equally important as the powerhouse inside the case is the window through which the action is displayed.


  • Predator XB271HU by Acer – This predator doesn’t just stalk its prey; it presents them in vibrant detail and fluid motion thanks to its high refresh rate and resolution. A feast for the eyes, it ensures Pestily doesn’t miss a beat in the heat of battle.

Pestily’s Peripherals

Sure, you can have a great PC, but without the right peripherals, you’d be bringing a knife to a gunfight. Here’s what Pestily arms himself with:


  • K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Keyboard by Corsair – A keyboard that not only stands up to the punishing keystrokes of competitive play but lights up the room with customizable RGB lighting. The build quality speaks of endurance, and the tactile feedback is exactly what you need when the game asks for split-second reactions.


  • G903 by Logitech – Precision is the name of the game, and the G903 is a sharpshooter. Wireless freedom with wired reliability, this mouse ensures Pestily’s aim is true whether he’s lining up a shot or navigating complex menus.

Mouse Pad

  • MM350 by Corsair – The canvas for the G903, this extra-large mouse pad provides ample room for broad swipes and quick movements, all while staying firmly in place, thanks to its anti-skid rubber base.

Pestily’s Audio and Communication Setup

If visuals are one half of the streaming experience, audio is the other. Let’s talk about what Pestily uses to communicate with his audience and teammates:


  • Procaster by Rode – The Procaster is your quintessential broadcast-quality mic that captures Pestily’s voice in all its resonance and clarity. It’s tough, ready for the rigors of live streaming, and ensures that every call-out and banter bit is heard loud and clear.


  • GoXLR by TC Helicon & AI-1 by Rode – Managing audio sources on the fly requires finesse, and this is where the GoXLR and AI-1 come into play. Customizable, easy-to-use sliders and controls let Pestily be his audio engineer, ensuring levels are always balanced, and the sound is crisp.
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  • DT 1990 PRO by Beyerdynamic – When you need to listen to the footsteps of your enemies or just get lost in the world you’re streaming, the DT 1990 PRO offers unparalleled sound fidelity and comfort. Pestily can wear these for hours on end without missing a beat or a ping.

Pestily’s Camera Setup

Engaging with an audience isn’t just about the voice; it’s also about the face. For this, Pestily employs:


  • Stream Cam by Logitech & A6100 by Sony – Whether it’s his reaction to a tight play or an update for his fans, Pestily relies on the crisp imagery from both the Stream Cam and the A6100. Sharp visuals and smooth frame rates make his stream as personal as it is professional.

Pestily’s Additional Gear

Every artist needs their easel, and for Pestily, it’s more than just a metaphor.


  • PSA-1 by Rode – Supporting the Procaster mic is essential, and the PSA-1 is Pestily’s arm of choice. Durable, adjustable, and unobtrusive, it keeps the mic positioned perfectly for every broadcast.

Creating a streaming setup that ticks all the boxes for performance, reliability, and viewer engagement is no walk in the park. Pestily’s gear selection is the result of experience, preference, and a clear understanding that to provide the best streaming experiences, you need to work with the best tools available. Whether you’re a budding streamer or an avid gamer, taking a page from Pestily’s tech book might just be your first step towards streaming stardom.

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