Alanah Pearce Gaming Setup 2023

GeForce Garage recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Alanah Pearce, a prominent writer for Sony Santa Monica Studio and a prolific content creator. In this special project, the goal was to help Alanah build her dream PC, combining both functionality and artistic appeal. The chosen approach involved a unique wall-mounted build named “The Crow” from CSFG, carefully selected to seamlessly fit into the decor of Alanah’s new office.

Alanah’s Streaming Setup

alanah room setup

Alanah shared insights into her current gaming situation, emphasizing her diverse gaming platform usage, including various consoles and a somewhat antiquated PC that’s been in service for around six years. She expressed the need for a new, high-performance PC that aligns with her evolving gaming needs.

The Chosen Build: “The Crow”

GeForce Garage, in collaboration with CSFG, introduced “The Crow,” a wall-mounted PC that strikes a balance between being an art piece and a fully functional gaming rig. The design decision was influenced by the desire to utilize the blank wall space above Alanah’s monitor effectively.

Alanah PC Specifications

The PC boasts an impressive set of specifications:

  • Water Cooling: Specially designed for water cooling, “The Crow” features custom distro blocks for the case, creating an aesthetically pleasing and efficient cooling solution.
  • GPU: An ASUS Tough Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 takes center stage, ensuring high-performance graphics.
  • Motherboard and CPU: The ROG Maximus z790 Apex motherboard houses an i9-13900k CPU, delivering the processing power required for Alanah’s demanding tasks.
  • Memory and Storage: With 32GB of RAM and a 2TB M.2 storage, the PC offers ample space for games and other creative endeavors.
  • Power Supply: An ROG STRIX 850 W power supply with custom cables completes the build, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing theme.
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The Building Process

alanah pc

Alanah, while expressing some initial intimidation, found the building process to be surprisingly straightforward. The open case design of “The Crow” contributed to the ease of installation, allowing components to slot in seamlessly. The most challenging aspect was the meticulous task of placing sleeves on the tubes, taking around 40 minutes to achieve the desired result.

Aesthetic Highlights

Alanah highlighted several aesthetic elements that captured her attention:

  • Infinity Mirrors: Positioned on the fans, these mirrors create a visually stunning effect, contributing to the overall artistic appeal.
  • Water-Cooled GPU: The water-cooled GPU stands out as a unique feature, adding both visual interest and efficient cooling to the build.
  • Vinyl God of War Runes: Personal touches, such as vinyl God of War runes, were added, enhancing the thematic cohesion of the build.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Upon completion, the PC, named “Fimbulvetr” after a God of War reference, exceeded expectations both in aesthetics and performance. Alanah expressed particular delight in the way the water cooling enhanced the overall aesthetic, likening it to a water feature. The article concludes with a successful test of the PC’s capabilities, running Cyberpunk 2077 with Overdrive Mode enabled.


GeForce Garage successfully delivered on Alanah Pearce’s dream PC, combining cutting-edge hardware with artistic flair. The collaboration with CSFG, ASUS, Intel, and EKWB resulted in a visually stunning and high-performance wall-mounted PC that perfectly complements Alanah’s new office. The project not only showcased the capabilities of modern gaming hardware but also provided valuable insights into the world of PC modding.

Special thanks to our partners: Intel and ASUS for system components, CSFG for the wall chassis, and EKWB for water cooling support.

For more of Alanah Pearce’s content, visit her Twitch channel: charalanahzard.

  • Alanah Pearce, a writer for Sony Santa Monica Studio and content creator, collaborates with GeForce Garage to build her dream PC.
  • Alanah’s current gaming setup includes various consoles and an aging PC, around 6 years old.
  • The wall-mounted PC build, named “The Crow” from CSFG, is chosen to blend with the decor of Alanah’s new office, providing both functionality and artistic appeal.
  • The PC specs include water cooling, an ASUS Tough Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 GPU, ROG Maximus z790 Apex motherboard, i9-13900k CPU, 32GB RAM, and a 2TB M.2 storage, all powered by an ROG STRIX 850 W power supply with custom cables.
  • The build process is described as relatively straightforward, with Alanah expressing excitement about specific design elements, such as the infinity mirrors on the fans and the water-cooled GPU. The PC is named “Fimbulvetr” after a God of War reference, and Alanah is impressed with the overall aesthetic and performance, especially in playing Cyberpunk 2077 with Overdrive Mode enabled.

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