How to host someone on Twitch?

“Twitch”. The popular online video streaming site is reaching the new heights with its unique features that allow users to interact with each other and the streamers to talk with their audience live. In this particular article let’s talk about the host mode feature of twitch.

What does hosting mean on twitch?

Here’s how it works. You have a channel on Twitch. And by turning on host mode you will get to host another channel on behalf of that channel. The viewers of the channel will see the videos like they are on the original channel page. So, do you get any ad revenues by hosting someone else’s channel? No. You don’t get any ad revenue from the ads that are being displayed on the hosted channel. But, the reason why hosting is considered a good practice is because it gives you chances of promoting your channel through other channels popularity. If you host a popular channel, and they display your name under the channel hosts you may gain some new traffic to your channel.

How to host someone on twitch?

To host a channel go to your chat box of the channel. And type: /host channel (name of the channel you want to host). Similarly to host a channel type /host in your chat box. This is how it goes when you are accessing twitch on their website on a desktop.

You can host up to 3 channels in a span of 30 minutes. This is how you go. After 30 minutes of hosting one channel go to your chat box and type /host Channel (name of another channel). However, note that you get to host only one channel at a time.

While you are hosting another channel, your videos will offline and replaced by other channel’s video but you can still interact with your audience via the chat box.

When you go offline and you want to keep your users engaged you can turn on auto hosting. This way your channel will always be in an activity. To use via auto host mode, navigate to your channel settings and you will find the auto hosting button, turn that on. Now, you will need to make the list of channels you will want to host. Add the channels in the channels list.

If you are using twitch app on iOS or Android you will need to go to the channel you want to host. Then click on the gearbox and select host option from the drop-down menu to host a particular channel.