Red Minimalist Ruby Overlay


Make your stream stand out with the Ruby Overlay.

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Take your live stream to the next level with our Ruby Overlay Pack! This stream graphics pack is designed to elevate your Twitch streaming experience, adding a professional touch and keeping your audience engaged with its minimalist yet stylish aesthetic.

What’s Included in the Ruby Overlay Pack?

The Red Ruby Overlay Pack is a comprehensive suite of graphics, designed to provide consistency and a professional feel to your live streams. The pack includes:

  1. Overlay Top Bar: A custom top bar featuring your channel’s logo and dedicated space for your social media handles. This keeps your branding front and center and allows your viewers to connect with you across various platforms easily.
  2. Bottom Bar: The bottom bar is a crucial component for viewer interaction and engagement. It showcases the Recent Donations & Recent Subscribers, encouraging your audience to participate and support your stream. Recognition of their support not only encourages further engagement but also fosters a sense of community within your channel.
  3. Webcam Frame: A dedicated, stylishly designed webcam frame that puts the spotlight on you. This frame has been designed keeping in mind the needs of streamers – minimal yet impactful, ensuring you are the star of the show.

The Red Ruby Overlay Pack is designed for seamless integration with OBS streaming software, making it easy to install and use. You can focus on what matters the most – your content and your audience, while we take care of the visuals.

Why Choose Red Minimalist Overlay Graphics Pack?

Our Ruby Overlay Pack stands out for its appealing minimalist design that doesn’t distract from the streamer or their content, yet adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the streaming interface.

This pack is user-friendly, designed with the streamer’s ease in mind. It is highly compatible and easy to integrate with the OBS software, a popular choice among streamers for its reliability and versatility.

In the world of live streaming, a high-quality, professionally designed overlay can be the difference between being just another streamer and standing out from the crowd. Choose the Ruby Overlay Pack and set the stage for success on Twitch.

Let the Ruby Overlay Pack elevate your streaming experience. Buy now and stream with style!


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