Overwatch 2 Stream Overlay Pack


Overwatch twitch overlay for casual or the most competitive streamers. Go ahead and upgrade your stream! You deserve it!


Upgrade your stream to the next level with our premium Overwatch 2 Stream Overlay pack. Designed to make a lasting impression on your viewers, this overlay pack exudes professionalism and sophistication. Whether you’re a casual streamer or a highly competitive one, our overlay pack is tailored to suit all levels of streamers. With its sleek and well-crafted design, this overlay pack is guaranteed to make other streamers envious. Don’t settle for anything less, you deserve the best. Go ahead and elevate your stream with our Overwatch 2 Stream Overlay pack today!

All streaming graphics that come in the pack are separately movable so you can set them wherever you want!

Overwatch 2 graphics pack includes:

  • About me, donation, schedule, setup, and subscribe panel PNGs
  • Twitch Overlay Top menu PNG
  • Stream Webcam PNG

Add Ons

  • Have us put custom text and stream name boxes in to create the ultimate finish!
  • Include the .PSD files for the Photoshop Pros!

Why do I need an overlay for my Overwatch 2 stream?

An overlay can help your Overwatch gaming streams stand out on Twitch by providing a visually appealing and professional look. It can include elements such as a webcam frame, player information, and stream information. It can also help to brand your stream and make it easily recognizable to viewers. Additionally, an overlay can help to enhance the viewing experience for your audience by providing useful information and adding a sense of polish to your stream.


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