Scump’s Gaming Equipment and PC Setup

Meet Seth “Scump” Abner, an eSports player who has garnered fame and recognition for his exceptional skills in Call of Duty. As a member of the Chicago Huntsmen team, Scump has established himself as a formidable force in the competitive gaming scene. With a massive following on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, his influence extends beyond the virtual battlefield.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at Scump’s gaming gear and PC setup, unveiling the tools that power his gaming prowess. From his controller settings to video settings, gaming gear specs, and gaming setup, we delve into the details that contribute to his success in the gaming world.

Scump’s Gaming Gear Specs

Scump’s gaming gear plays a crucial role in enhancing his gaming performance. Let’s take a closer look at the components that make up his impressive setup:


Alienware 25 FHD 1080p Gaming Monitor – AW2518H NVIDIA G-Sync 240Hz Refresh 1ms response time
  • Designed for the enthusiast, the AW2518H delivers a futuristic style and precise form with solid stability
  • See gaming differently with NVIDIA G-SYNC. This breakthrough display technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag
  • Lightning-fast 240Hz native refresh rate combined with 1ms response time delivers buttery-smooth gameplay with virtually no input lag
  • Compatibility- All Operating System. Specific gaming OSD (onscreen display) design keeps your user experience in the gaming theme
  • Game comfortably in your zone with a height adjustable stand, tilt, swivel and pivot features

Scump uses the Alienware AW2518H monitor, known for its high refresh rate and quick response time. This 24.5-inch gaming monitor offers a Full HD resolution, ensuring crisp visuals and smooth gameplay.


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Fastest & Linear – Cherry MX Speed – CH-9109014 (Renewed)
  • Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, built to withstand a lifetime of gaming
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback allow access to up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software
  • Per key dynamic multi color RGB backlighting offers near unlimited color customization and control
  • Get the RAPIDFIRE advantage CHERRY MX Speed mechanical key switches provide the reliability and accuracy you demand, with blistering fast 1.2 millimeter actuation
  • CORSAIR iCUE software enables vivid dynamic lighting control, sophisticated macro programming and full system lighting synchronization across compatible CORSAIR peripherals, coolers, fans and more

For his keyboard, Scump relies on the CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile gaming keyboard. Its low-profile design offers a comfortable typing experience, while the RGB lighting adds a touch of personalization to his setup.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming Headset for PC & Mobile with 3.5mm, Xbox Series X| S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch – 50mm Speakers, Metal Headband – White
  • LARGE 50MM NANOCLEAR SPEAKERS – Large, powerful 50mm over-ear Nanoclear speakers deliver Turtle Beach’s signature esports audio tuning
  • SURROUND SOUND READY – Optimized to support spatial audio technologies for immersive gaming audio
  • PRO GAMING MIC WITH TRUSPEAK TECHNOLOGY – Ensure your voice is always heard loud and clear with Turtle Beach’s professional quality, noise-cancelling mic
  • AEROFIT EAR CUSHIONS – Smooth athletic fabric combined with cooling gel-infused memory foam keeps your ears comfortable and cool while also blocking out external noise and improving bass response
  • DURABLE COMFORT – A sleek metal headband with a suspended pad and swappable memory foam ear cushions ensure unmatched comfort

Scump’s audio needs are met by the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset. This premium gaming headset features a comfortable design, excellent sound quality, and customizable audio settings, allowing him to hear every detail during intense gaming sessions.

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SCUF Infinity4PS Pro Gaming Controller for PC, PS4 (Renewed)
  • ITEM: Black Shell with EMR Key (Standard Triggers)
  • The familiar shape of Infinity4PS Pro makes it the perfect introduction to SCUF’s customizable performance controllers.
  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks with different shapes and sizes allow for the perfect fit.

When it comes to controllers, Scump uses the Scuf Infinity4PS PRO Scump edition. This controller is tailored to his specific gaming preferences, featuring adjustable trigger stops and paddles for improved control and precision.

MonitorAlienware AW2518H
KeyboardCORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile
HeadsetTurtle Beach Elite Pro 2
ControllerScuf Infinity4PS PRO Scump edition

Scump’s Gaming Setup Specs

Scump’s gaming setup is equipped with top-of-the-line accessories that enhance his gaming experience and content creation. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of his gaming setup:


Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING – Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting & Streaming. The SM7B Is Trusted By The Worlds Leading Vocalists, Podcasters & Streamers.
  • STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING – The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces Exceptionally Clean & Natural Reproduction Of Both Music & Speech.
  • PODCAST & BROADCAST – Found In The Top Podcasting Studios Around The World, The SM7B Air Suspension Shock Isolation & Pop Filter Eliminate Both Mechanical Noise And Breathiness. So Words Get Through And The Rest Stays Out Of The Mix.
  • STREAMING CONTENT – Professional Live Streaming Starts With A Microphone Capable Of Capturing Exceptionally Clean And Natural Reproduction Of Both Music And Speech. The SM7B Has Been A Pioneer In Such Abilities For Decades.
  • PROFESSIONAL XLR CONNECTION – The XLR Connection Along With An Audio Interface Allows You More Control Over The Sound — Thus A Better Overall Sound Quality.

Scump utilizes the Shure SM7B microphone, known for its exceptional sound quality and clarity. This microphone is ideal for streaming and recording, allowing Scump to communicate with his viewers effectively.

Mic Arm

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm
  • Broadcast-style Professional Studio Desk Boom Arm with Stard Microphone Threading
  • Includes two desk mounting options
  • Durable design and noise-free operation is suitable for home, office and studio use
  • A professional studio boom arm that allows easy and precise placement of any microphone when podcasting, streaming or recording
  • English (Publication Language)

To ensure optimal positioning of his microphone, Scump uses the RODE PSA1 arm. This versatile and sturdy arm allows him to adjust the microphone’s height and angle according to his preference, ensuring clear and consistent audio during his streams and recordings.

Gaming Chair

Razer Enki Gaming Chair: All-Day Comfort – Built-in Lumbar Arch – Optimized Cushion Density – Dual-Textured, Eco-Friendly Synthetic Leather – Reactive Seat Tilt & 152-Degree Recline – Black
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL-DAY GAMING – 110-degree shoulder arches and wide 54-cm seat base ensure optimal weight distribution for long-lasting comfort during gaming marathons
  • BUILT-IN LUMBAR ARCH – Feel less fatigued over long periods with the lumbar curve that gently supports your lower back and encourages sitting in a neutral position
  • OPTIMIZED CUSHION DENSITY – Unparalleled comfort with a softer seat base for a cushier feel and a firmer seat backing for solid support
  • DUAL-TEXTURED, EC0-FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC LEATHER – Core areas of the chair are covered in a plush textured fabric for more refined comfort, while the outer edges are lined with smooth leather to better withstand daily wear and tear
  • REACTIVE SEAT TILE & 152-DEGREE RECLINE – Lean back effortlessly into the seat thanks to a reactive mechanism that reacts to your weight, and lay as far back as you want with an adjustable recline of up to 152 degrees

For long gaming sessions, Scump relies on the Razer Enki chair. This ergonomic chair offers maximum comfort and support, allowing Scump to maintain focus and perform at his best without discomfort or fatigue.

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Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD Video Calling, Noise-Canceling mic, HD Auto Light Correction, Wide Field of View, Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Voice, PC/Mac/Laptop/Tablet, Black
  • Ultra 4K HD resolution: 4 times the resolution of a typical HD webcam; look your best and enjoy professional video experience wherever you are with 5x HD zoom.
  • Auto light adjustment: Logitech RightLight 3 uses HDR technology to show you in the best light, even in low-light and backlit situations.
  • Noise-canceling technology: Dual omni-directional mics suppress background sound so you can be heard clearly.
  • 3 field of view presets: Choose 90°, 78° or 65° dFOV via Logi Tune to include more of your environment or narrow the focus on you.
  • Up to 90 fps: Create high-quality video recording or streaming in any light condition.

Scump’s gaming setup includes the Logitech BRIO 4K webcam. This high-quality webcam enables him to provide his viewers with clear and crisp video content, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

By investing in these carefully selected peripherals, Scump ensures that his gaming setup meets the highest standards of performance and functionality. With his gaming gear, PC setup, and gaming accessories all optimized to his liking, Scump is able to deliver top-notch gameplay and engaging content to his devoted fanbase.

Scump’s Controller Settings

When it comes to dominating the virtual battlefield in Call of DutyScump’s controller settings play a crucial role in his exceptional gameplay. With precise sensitivity and a strategic button layout, Scump maximizes his performance in every match.

Scump prefers a horizontal stick sensitivity of 6 and a vertical stick sensitivity of 6. This balanced setting allows him to swiftly navigate the game environment while maintaining control over his aim. His button layout follows the default configuration, ensuring familiarity and comfort during intense gameplay.

In addition, Scump has made one significant modification to his controller settings by flipping the L2/R2 buttons with L1/R1. This change allows for quicker and smoother trigger pulls, giving him an edge in fast-paced combat situations. To further enhance his accuracy, Scump enables aim down sight aim assist, which provides subtle assistance in lining up shots on target.

Scump’s Controller Settings

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity6
Vertical Stick Sensitivity6
Button LayoutDefault
Flipped ButtonsL2/R2 with L1/R1
Aim Down Sight Aim AssistEnabled

Scump’s precise controller settings and strategic modifications enable him to showcase his exceptional skills and dominate the competition in Call of Duty. With each press of a button, he executes precise maneuvers and delivers accurate shots, solidifying his position as one of the top eSports players in the world.

Scump’s Video Settings

When playing Call of Duty: Cold War, Scump pays close attention to his video settings to optimize his gaming experience. He opts for fullscreen mode, allowing him to fully immerse himself in the game. To ensure smooth gameplay, Scump sets his refresh rate to 240 Hz, providing him with ultra-responsive visuals.

Scump also takes advantage of NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology, which reduces the input lag between his movements and on-screen actions, giving him a competitive edge in fast-paced situations. By disabling V-Sync, Scump eliminates any potential screen tearing and enables a smoother gameplay experience.

In addition to these settings, Scump meticulously adjusts various graphics options to enhance his visuals. He carefully tweaks screen space reflection, object view distance, volumetric lighting, shadow quality, and special effect shadows to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.

Scump’s Video Settings:

Display ModeFullscreen
Refresh Rate240 Hz
NVIDIA ReflexEnabled (low latency)
Screen Space ReflectionHigh
Object View DistanceMedium
Volumetric LightingLow
Shadow QualityMedium
Special Effect ShadowsEnabled

By fine-tuning these settings, Scump ensures that every detail and movement in the game is crisp and clear, allowing him to make precise decisions and execute strategies effectively.

Scump’s Gaming PC Specs

As an elite eSports player, Scump understands the importance of having a high-performance gaming PC to support his gameplay. Let’s dive into the specifications of Scump’s gaming rig:


AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core, 24-thread unlocked desktop processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler
  • The world’s most advanced processor in the desktop PC gaming segment
  • Can deliver Ultra-fast 100 plus FPS performance in the world’s most popular games
  • 12 Cores and 24 processing threads, bundled with the AMD Wraith Prism cooler with color controlled LED support
  • 4.6 GHz max Boost, unlocked for overclocking, 70 MB of game Cache, DDR 3200 support. OS Support-Windows 10 – 64-Bit Edition, RHEL x86 64-Bit, Ubuntu x86 64-Bit. Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer
  • English (Publication Language)

Scump’s gaming PC is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU. This processor, known for its powerful performance and multitasking capabilities, ensures smooth gameplay and efficient processing of demanding tasks.


To deliver stunning graphics and immersive gaming experiences, Scump relies on the ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 GPU. With its advanced ray tracing technology and high frame rates, this graphics card enhances visual fidelity and provides a competitive edge in games.


The Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite motherboard serves as the foundation of Scump’s gaming setup. This motherboard offers reliable performance, stable power delivery, and ample connectivity options, allowing Scump to connect multiple devices without compromising performance.


Scump’s gaming PC is equipped with 32GB of Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 3600MHz memory. This high-speed RAM ensures quick data access and efficient multitasking, enabling Scump to run memory-intensive games and applications smoothly.

Combining these powerful components with a Lian Li LANCOOL ONE case and a DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX RGB AIO liquid cooling system, Scump’s gaming PC is optimized for performance and thermals. The Seagate Firecuda 520 1TB SSD provides fast load times, ensuring that Scump can jump into games quickly and maintain a competitive edge.

Scump’s gaming PC specs are a testament to his commitment to excellence in gaming. With a powerful CPU, top-of-the-line GPU, and high-speed memory, Scump’s rig delivers the performance he needs to dominate the competition.

Scump’s Real Name

Scump, the renowned eSports player, is widely recognized for his exceptional gaming skills in Call of Duty. However, his real name is Seth Abner. Even though he is known and celebrated by his gaming alias, Scump, many fans are curious to learn more about the person behind the gamer.

Seth Abner was born on June 30, 1995, in the United States. Over the years, he has gained a massive following on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, with millions of subscribers and viewers. His captivating gameplay and charismatic personality have made him a beloved figure in the gaming community.

Gaming AliasReal NameBirthdate
ScumpSeth AbnerJune 30, 1995

By analyzing Scump’s gaming gear, PC setup, and controller settings, gamers can gain valuable insights into the equipment and settings that contribute to a champion’s performance. Whether it’s his preferred controller sensitivity or his strategically chosen video settings, every aspect of Scump’s setup has been carefully selected to enhance his gameplay experience.

Aspiring eSports players can draw inspiration from Scump’s journey and learn the importance of investing in high-quality gaming gear. From his top-notch monitor and keyboard to his meticulously chosen gaming PC components, Scump understands that a well-equipped setup can give players a competitive edge.

Scump’s eSports career serves as a testament to the impact a well-optimized gaming setup can have on one’s performance. As he continues to dominate the gaming world, his success story motivates and encourages gamers to strive for greatness and create their own path to victory.

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