Project Dark – Twitch Overlay

Our new Twitch overlay features a bold color scheme of black, red, and orange. These colors are not just visually striking but serve a greater purpose. Black offers a sophisticated and modern look, creating a strong impression and a sense of mystery. The red brings a dash of energy, passion, and excitement. Lastly, the orange lends warmth and creativity to the mix. Together, these colors create a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Streamlined Design Elements

The design includes a top bar and a webcam frame, offering you a minimalist yet impactful visual layout. The top bar provides a place for you to display important information, like your social media handles or recent followers and donors. On the other hand, the webcam frame focuses viewers’ attention on you, making the interactions feel personal and real-time.

Open to All and Fully Customizable

We believe in inclusivity, which is why our overlay isn’t just for beginners. Anyone who appreciates its design can download it and add a professional touch to their streams.

What sets our overlay apart is the inclusion of a PSD file. This Photoshop document allows for maximum customization. You can tweak the design elements to your heart’s content – change colors, adjust opacity, move things around, or add new elements. This ensures that you can make the overlay uniquely yours.

Download Project Dark twitch template.

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