Pewdiepie Desk and Chair Setup

Here’s something for all the gaming enthusiasts out there. If you’re into YouTube gaming content, chances are you’ve heard of PewDiePie. With over a 100 million subscribers on YouTube, Felix Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie, has become a household name. While his funny and very relatable gaming videos have definitely contributed to his popularity, one can’t ignore the fact that his advanced gaming setup helps him create top-notch content.

So, what does PewDiePie’s gaming setup look like? What equipment does he use? If you’ve ever wondered about this, sit back and relax as I dive into the nitty-gritty of PewDiePie’s complete setup.

Furniture in Pewdiepie’s Streaming Room

Desk: Humanscale FNSM43

The first piece of furniture that is of utmost importance in any gaming setup is the desk, and PewDiePie seems to have taken a keen interest in selecting the right one for his needs. The YouTube star uses a Humanscale FNSM43 desk, which is ergonomically designed to promote an active working environment. This desk stands out for its tremendous flexibility, allowing PewDiePie all the room he needs for his intense gameplay.

Gaming Chair: PewDiePie LED 100M Edition

When it comes to chairs, PewDiePie doesn’t compromise. He has a special edition named after him – the PewDiePie LED 100M Edition! This chair is a concoction of comfort and style. With 4D armrests, tubular steel frame, cold cured foam, and LED lighting, it certainly creates an environment for a perfect gaming experience.

Chair Mat: AiBOB Office Chair Mat

To save his floor from scratches, PewDiePie uses the AiBOB Office Chair Mat. This mat is not just practical but also environmentally friendly as it is made of recyclable materials. It’s also resistant to wear and tear, making it a durable option for intensive gaming.

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Cable Management: D-Line Cable Management Box / Velcro Cable Management Straps

When it comes to cable management, PewDiePie knows the score. He uses the D-Line Cable Management Box and Velcro Cable Management Straps to keep his setup neat and manageable. These choices help him to easily plug and unplug his devices and, at the same time, maintain the aesthetic appeal of his setup.

Speakers: Transparent Speaker by Transpa

To round off the furniture list, the legend himself has opted for the Transparent Speaker by Transpa. Designed aesthetically with a transparent frame, these speakers provide a high-quality sound experience for intensive gaming and are a perfect blend of technology and sophistication.

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